Values & Principals

TISA Values & Principals

Teachers Savings and Loan Society’s core values are;

  • Deliver the best possible customer service
  • Ensure quality service to all members
  • Provide members with timely application processing
  • Value and promote continuous learning
  • Ensure the right staff are in decision making process
  • Empower our staff to make and carry out decisions
  • Commit to individual and organization’s accountability
  • Maintain and uphold ethical practice

Credit Union Principals

The Society’s principals are based on World Council of Credit Union Principals.

A gathering for Mutual Assistance

A Credit Union cooperative clings to the principal of gathering for mutual assistance based on the credit (trust) and mutual well wishing. People faithful to such a principal will be willing to work together to achieve its growth and development. The growth of this can become a refuge to other people, as well as taking care of and protecting them.

Generating Economic strengths

A credit union focuses on building up monetary discipline of its members as a basis for sound habit of savings. This raises their financial status. To accomplish this objective, they are trained to refrain from spending on unnecessary expenses and accumulate it regularly.

Providing Education

Credit Unionism believes that the development and improvement of one’s basic knowledge and capabilities of a Credit Union creates economic strength followed by mutual assistance. One should be aware of the benefits of co-ownership and sound habitual action practice, and to promote the Credit Union’s approach to other people.

Inoculating Virtues for Co-existence

The co-existence of human beings in spite of differences in status and character usually results in fear. The Society builds on the virtues that everyone wants others to do him as a model. This is practiced in parallel to financial activities. It is believed that this will effectively solve social activities at all levels of the family, community and the country. The virtues are honesty, sacrifice, responsibility, sympathy and trust.


Credit Union Principals are initiators of mutual assistance and apart from major financial business transaction, Credit Unions create confidence, and warmth amidst a the organisation. Products are designed to correspond with members’ demands.

Business Ownership

Members of the Society have to be aware of as well as try to generate a sense of ownership. Each individual member contributes to the growth of the business and should learn development and practice a sense of business ownership in themselves. A member must always aim to achieve the success of the business. While it is important to generate profit to ensure the sustainability of the Society, it is important to note that providing the best service is paramount to the Society’s goals and objective.

Voluntary Participation

The Society is an organization engaged in a financial business transaction, having the interest of the basis of equality, unity as well as democracy and universality principals. Its administrative powers are authorized for executives coming through an election. These workers are intended to work selflessly and provide knowledge to others. Through this means, it is believed that unity can be generated in a Credit Union.