Primary School Head Teacher stresses on teachers’ need to plan for unexpected events emphasizing savings behavior and encouraged colleagues to maintain their TISA memberships.

Responding to members’ requests for product awareness sessions not only takes you to business houses a few blocks away but a lengthen trip should be scheduled once in a while for TISA branches. The TISA Team in Alotau visited members in Normanby Island in Central Duau Cluster to be part of the 2019 National Teachers Day Celebrations in order to use the occasion for product awareness.

Central Duau is about 80 kilometers North-East of Alotau with an estimated 1.25 minutes of road trip to East-Cape (Tip of PNG) and another 3 hours by dinghy. The island communities are prone to strong winds, rough seas and smashing waves along the rocky shores in times of bad weather.

The event was the first of its kind to be organized and held in Central Duau Cluster. Guleguleu Primary School hosted the event and accommodated all participants with 59 teachers from four primary schools and ten elementary schools participating.

The primary schools included Kwanaura Primary School, Kasikasi Primary School, Sobulasi Primary School and Guleguleu Primary School with 10 elementary schools.

Though the weather was not as friendly during the visiting days, the team managed to conduct three (3) sessions, that is, two (2) sessions on the 1st of October and one (1) on the 2nd of October, the event-closing day before departure.

Members were open to make general enquiries and share comments and views on their experiences with TISA financial assistance. Guleguleu Primary School Head Teacher stressed on how teachers should plan for unexpected events emphasizing savings behavior and encouraged colleagues to maintain their memberships.

The occasion also gave opportunity for three new teaching graduates to learn of TISA’s products and services to consider and plan while waiting for their employment files to be updated from the Department of Education.

TISA Alotau is looking forward to support and anticipate visits of interested teachers in the coming holiday period.

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