YumiCard FAQs

A YumiCard is a domestic debit card linked to the TISA YumiAccount. The YumiCard allows you to safely and conveniently access money deposited in your YumiAccount 24/7.

The YumiCard can be used at any BSP ATM and EFTPOS terminals throughout PNG.

To apply for a YumiCard you need to be aged 18 years or over and be a member of TISA.

You can apply for YumiCard at any TISA branch.

Your YumiCard will be linked to your S1 Account or YumiAccount.

Your card will normally be available in the branch where you apply for it within 10 working days from the day the respective branch created the card request.

Your YumiCard and a PIN will be delivered to the TISA branch where you have opened your personal account. You will need to pick up your card and pin at the branch.

PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a unique 4 digit number, generated specifically for your YumiCard. It is used to approve and secure every transaction done by your card. It is a kind of electronic signature. The number is given to the cardholder and should be known only to the cardholder.

For all fees relating to your YumiCard (transactions’ fees, card/PIN fees (i.e.) application for -lost/stolen card, replacement PIN, damaged card and retained card fee) please refer to our current Personal Fees and Charges. Please, visit our website www.tisa.com.pg (TISA Homepage _fees and charges).

You can use your YumiCard to:
• Purchases goods and services locally
• Check your account balance,
• Withdraw cash from ATMs, and
• Change your PIN number at an ATM

With your YumiCard you can purchase goods and services at any BSP EFTPOS Merchants in PNG that accepts the YumiCard. Each time you make a purchase at an EFTPOS terminal remember to select “Savings” account.

Insert your YumiCard into the ATM followed by the PIN and follow the screen prompts to select your required account and service.

No. Your YumiCard is a domestic card and it can be used only in PNG.

To check transaction limits on your card please contact our Customer Service Centre on 300 2345 (24 hours, 7 days per week). Or Visit our TISA Website – www.tisa.com.pg to view the TISA YumiCard features. Daily ATM withdrawal is K2,000 per day subject to Account Balance and Daily EFTPOS transaction limit is K15,000 per day.

All transactions made with your YumiCard are recorded on your YumiAccount statement. You can visit your nearest branch to obtain your account statement or view it online, if you are registered for internet banking.

If you dispute a transaction in your account statement connected with your YumiCard transactions please report the matter immediately to your nearest TISA branch or to our Customer Service on 300 2345. To dispute a transaction on your Card you need to complete the Transaction Dispute Form and return it to a TISA branch with original receipts as soon as you notice an issue. In order to confirm statement entries, retain all your sales slips and printed receipts. This will help you keep a record of all your transactions.

Your transaction will be declined if you do not have sufficient funds in your YumiAccount.

If your YumiCard is not working you need to contact our Customer Service Centre on 300 2345 to report the problem. If we are unable to resolve it for you, it will be necessary to contact your TISA branch to receive a replacement card.

If you have forgotten your PIN, please contact your TISA branch to request a new card and a new PIN.

In case you lose your card or it is stolen you need to contact us immediately. You can call Customer Service Centre or visit your nearest TISA branch to cancel/block your card (for security reasons).

Immediately report your lost or stolen card to our Customer Service Centre (phone: 300 2345) or visit any TISA branch. You can also contact us via email service@tisa.com.pg.

If you think someone has unauthorised use of your YumiCard and PIN you should contact our Customer Service Centre immediately on 300 2345. We will stop your card for security reasons. To request a replacement card you will need to contact your TISA branch.

Should you wish to change the name that appears on your card i.e. due to marriage or legal name change please contact our Customer Service Centre on 300 2345 or your nearest TISA branch for a replacement. A replacement fee will apply.

Transaction fees will be charged in bulk to your account at the finish/end of the day.

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