With TISA Personal Internet Banking, members can get access to the following services:

  • View all Savings & Loan Accounts
  • View Account Transactions
  • Transfer Funds within Own Accounts
  • Third Party Statements
  • Activate SMS Banking
  • Update Contract Details 
  • View Interest Earned and Paid
  • Print Statements

You will need to complete a Internet Banking User Form and call into your nearest branch for activation. A user name and password to login will be issued, upon being registered and activated. Always go to www.tisa.com.pg and click on the Personal Internet Banking button to log in.

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TISA Internet Banking Service terms and conditions apply.

Members can opt to register your mobile phone number to have easy access to check your TISA account. This SMS account check service is available to Digicel subscribers using the short code 1668.

The following text options are available:

To check Balance of all savings & loan accounts Balance of individual TISA account Last 5 transactions Year to date interest individual account


membership numbers and S or L account type
(e.g. BAL 123456S1 or BAL 123456L1)


(e.g. TRN 123456S1 or TRN 123456L1)


(e.g. INT 123456S1 or INT 123456L1)


Using this service, members can have access to savings and loan balances, interest and transaction details of their accounts.

The TISA YumiCard allows members to have immediate access to their funds. The debit card is linked to the YumiAccount for day-to-day transactions. Member salary, deposits, savings withdrawal or loan funding can be funded into the YumiAccount and the YumiCard can be used to access the funds.

TISA members can apply and collect their YumiCard at their nearest TISA branch. The YumiCard can be used at any BSP ATM or EFTPOS terminals.

Terms and conditions apply.

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