The Yumi Promotion is into its final month of entries and some lucky members have been fortunate to get rewarded a Samsung J2 Core Mobile Handset by simply activating their YumiCard.

Teachers Savings and Loan Society encourages its members to have easy access to their funds for daily transaction using the Yumi Account. TISA introduced the Yumi Promotion on the 1st of August, 2019, where members who collected that YumiCard simply activated their YumiCard to be in the draw to win the Samsung handset.

A total of 85 handsets are to be won by members where there are 17 monthly winners from each of the 17 TISA Branches. Thus, since September, there had been 68 winners drawn with the promotion which will conclude on the 31st of December, 2019.

Among these Samsung handset winners was one grateful Enga Teachers College Lecturer from TISA Wabag branch, Mr Tetepano Seth (pictured). Mr Seth commended TISA for its valued products and service and his win for the handset will assist in terms of conducting research using mobile internet connectivity.

TISA's debit YumiCard is now linked to the Yumi Account, which is a transaction account. Previous arrangement was that the YumiCard was linked to members’ General Savings Account. But since the introduction of the Yumi transaction account in May 2019, members are advised to nominate some funds into their Yumi Account and use the YumiCard to access these funds for their day-to-day transactions. With the Yumi Account, members can opt to send their salary or wage or make deposits into this account as an alternative bank account.


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