On 8 November 2023, TISA joined the rest of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (GABV) community in celebrating Banking on Values Day with the theme ‘Think Bolder’.

Banking On Values Day 2023 celebrates a bolder, better way to bank, and calls on the financial sector to transform its ways of working to promote a sustainable and inclusive future.

The GABV calls for more cooperation and innovation to find new solutions that can help create a green and inclusive economy. It also supports the existing and genuine efforts that aim to achieve lasting change. This marks TISA’s inaugural participation in commemorating Banking on Values Day, following its acceptance as a full member of the GABV on 1 November 2023. 

“We are the first financial institution in the Pacific to join GABV - a network of over 70 independent banks and financial institutions using finance to deliver sustainable economic, social and environmental development,” said Michael Koisen, TISA Group CEO.

“This is significant milestone for TISA and its members.”

As part of the celebrations, TISA reaffirms its commitment to support ethical, responsible, and sustainable banking.

“Banks and financial institutions in PNG can be a powerful force for good. From social inequality to the climate emergency, the banking and financial sector has a choice: either ignore and exacerbate these issues, or work together to help overcome them,” said Mr Koisen.

“For TISA, we want to help overcome these issues and it is our commitment and aim to promote a more sustainable financial system and create visibility for the responsible banking movement globally with a local emphasis.”

By taking risks, making real commitments, and continually driving up standards, values-based banks and financial institutions such as TISA can make bolder changes to how finance delivers positive impact.

“Being part of the GABV network is more than a membership for us, its our commitment to ethical, responsible and sustainable banking with our customers, stakeholders and communities in mind. It is our DNA.”


PHOTO: TISA receiving its GABV membership certificate on 1 November 2023 from representatives from GABV. Standing from left to right:  Sunil Pokharel, CEO of Tisa Community Finance, Michael Koisen, Group CEO for TISA, Upendra Poudyal Representative of GABV, Asia Pacific and Martin Rohner, Executive Director, GABV.

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