TISA today made a generous sponsorship of K50,000 to the Cheshire Disability Services, as one of its Gold Sponsors in the upcoming Chesire Annual Red Feather Fundraiser in August 2024. 

“Cheshire DS work resonates with our purpose as an organisation which is to improve the quality of life for our people, and we are happy to support this institution and the work that it does,” said Group CEO, Michael Koisen. 

“We see the value in the work that Cheshire does in our communities, the positive and life changing impact it has had on its beneficiaries.” 

“Persons with special needs are equal as others who are able bodied persons and are part of our community.” 

“It also takes people with an understanding and caring heart to care for persons with special needs and we appreciate the work that Cheshire Homes and your employees are doing.” 

Started in 1965, Cheshire Disability Services is one of the leading implementing non-governmental and charitable organization for special needs persons. 

With four key program areas that include Community based rehabilitation and physiotherapy interventions, Inclusive & Early childhood education, Residencial care and protection and Livelihood empowerment through young voices program, Cheshire’s mission is to improve the lives of persons with special needs. 

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